What you should know About Computer Power Supplies

What you should know About Computer Power Supplies

When we talk about computer power supplies, what comes into mind is that gadget that will bring power into the machine; what many people do not know is that a power supply has many functions.

The power supply unit is used to convert main AC to a required lower voltage for the internal constituents of a computer. Many computers use power supplies that have switched though there are some that have to be done manually while others are automatic and they adjust automatically to adapt to the current supply voltage in the computer that is running.

Functions of Computer Power Supplies

For desktop computer supplies changes substitute current which comes from the wall socket to low voltage straight current to run the processor and other side-line gadgets. The direct current is always required but it is important and vital that it remains regulated so as to allow smooth operation of the computer.

Home computers and also first-generation microcomputer usually use heavy step down transformer and linear power supply on their power supply units. Switch mode power supplies are used mainly in modern computers with a high frequency transformer. The switch mode power supplies are said to be cheaper and lighter and also more efficient as compared to linear power supply.

The computer power supplies have stand by voltage which is normally allow the computer to be switched off. This means that is the computer is switched off and the power supply is still on, the computer can be started remotely or locally using the keyboard, but this has to be allowed and supported by motherboard.

Most power supplies come with the functions of overload protection, short circuit protection, under voltage protection, over current protection, over voltage protection and over temperature protection. All these protect against damages during any of the happenings listed. These functions are made in a way that they protect automatically just in case there is a problem with the power supply from the main socket.

Depending on the type of machine or computer that you are using, it is important to know which power supply best suits your device so that you do not damage the components of your computer. It is good to have an electrician check out your power supply and give you appropriate advice should you have doubt with the kind of power supply that you are using. This step is only necessary if you bought a different power supply for your machine for one reason or the other.

Always make sure that your power supplies are well kept so as to avoid accidents in homes or in office. Do not leave your power supply on and unattended especially where there are many people passing by from time to time.

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